FolkPod is a Podcast with your host, Cheryl Prashker. Every two weeks, we will be speaking with some of the most entertaining musicians and songwriters we know. We will hear stories about their lives, art, inspiration, and what moves them. With a little luck, we’ll also get some incredible music, and we will try to figure out what “folk” really means ‘cause lord knows it’s hard to define. 

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"You do such a good job at this - you are teaching us "veterans" a thing or two about how to conduct an interview!" - Ron Olesko, DJ and Creator of Folk Music Notebook

Episode #18, August 17, 2021

Featuring Joe Crookston

“Songwriter, guitarist, painter, fiddler, slide player, eco-village member and believes in all things possible….it goes on to say:
“His songs are universal, his rhythm infectious. He’s funny as hell one moment and transcendent the next.”

Episode #17, July 20th, 2021

Featuring Janet Robin

Janet is an American Guitarist, Singer Songwriter and TV and Film Composer. Her first guitar teacher was Randy Rhoads from Quiet Riot and Ozzy Osbourne’s band. She was in the all-female band Precious Metal back in the 80’s…hair and all and was part of The Lindsay Buckingham Band. She also happens to be Cheryl's cousin.

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